Dropshipping in India | List Of Top 5 Dropshipping Websites/Companies In India

There are a numerous number of entrepreneurs in India who wants to start their online business. A budding entrepreneur in India might face few problems before starting an online business. Few problems are listed below that is stopping an individual to start a profitable online business.

  1. High investment
  2. Lack of products and resources
  3. No business warehouse or stock house available
  4. High risk involved
  5. Too much time and hard work

If an individual is facing all those problems and still wants to start a profitable online business, then they can use one simple solution called Dropshipping.

We know that Dropshipping is an inventory chain management method in which the seller accepts payment for an order, but the customer receives the product directly from the item warehouse delivered by the actual manufacturer while you just do the middlemen work.

There are so many companies in India providing the dropshipping service.

Here’s a list of top 5 drop shipping websites/companies in India which can help you start your online business from scratch.

1. Baapstore

Baapstore provide both products/inventory and online store for people whoever wants to start online business. It is one of the best dropshipping company which provide you the access to more than 5 lakhs products.

2. Hothaat

Hothaat is India’s first online Dropshipping website providing a platform to start your own Online Business. It has a great collection of a variety of products.

3.Blu Ember

Blu Ember is an online dropshipping platform which helps the e-retailers and suppliers by building an automated technical bridge between them, which helps them in reducing the time and energy required to set up a dropshipping business.



QikInk is India’s largest on-demand Printing and Drop Shipping Company with products ranging from T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Polos, Coffee Mugs, Phone Cases, etc.

5. India Dropshipping

India dropshipping is also one of the leading dropshipping company in India. They provide with products imported by them in addition to products procured from various other manufacturers, importers, wholesalers & distributors. Their services are suitable for Dropshippers and Retail stores who are looking at products to be dropshipped or delivered to their doorstep.

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